Our process at Mowlem&Co

Why bespoke design?

Our service is genuinely bespoke, from start to finish and to the last detail. We are not limited in any way by set-ranges, or size restrictions beyond proper functionality. From initial in-depth discussions about achieving your particular vision to the final site visit, we take the time to fully understand what you want and need from your kitchen… and the most appropriate way to achieve that.

What kind of layout will work best to improve your property and how will you work within that layout? Which materials and colour palettes most suit your style? What does the realisation of your personal ideal actually look like and how would it most optimally function? From showroom to workshop, from the drawing board to your home, we apply our comprehensive knowledge and skills to ensuring the very best solutions and results.

Design meets Lifestyle

Hand-painted or stained oak? Granite or quartz? Handles in brass, leather or steel… or maybe none at all? We know that every aspect of your project matters. How you like to cook may affect not only your choice of appliances but also worksurface, extraction, drawer position and configuration. Do you love to lavishly entertain or do you want simplicity and convenience? How much storage do you need and for what type of product or equipment? How much space do we have to work with (and could we find even more?) These things and so much more are all very carefully considered.

Functional furniture at Mowlem&Co

Unusual proposal? No problem

Perhaps you need a brand new kitchen but there are aspects of the old one you still want to utilise? Maybe you want sleek, modern functionality but have an heirloom dining table you can’t bear to part with? Perhaps your pantry’s inner pop of colour needs match a particular painting or your pet’s food bowls need a special place? Maybe you want to move your entire Mowlem & Co fitted kitchen from one room to another? Talk to us, we’re listening (and already coming up with solutions).

It's in the detail

Painstakingly handmade by skilled craftspeople in our own workshop, everything we produce is created not only to be appreciated, but to last. Whether bookmatching in timber or veneer, using dovetail joints or seamless bonds, modern composites or traditional materials, applying glamorous accents or integrating hidden features, our work is meticulous and accomplished. Down to the last detail.