How long have you worked at Mowlem?
I have worked for Mowlem & Co in various roles for over 12 years.

What are your core skills?
I am responsible for production planning, understanding and development of materials and processes and assist in furniture detailing and technical guidance for designers.  

What do you enjoy most about building kitchens?
Mainly the bespoke nature of our product, resolving client/designer requests and creating a solution that will ultimately work for production too.

What are your favourite materials to work with?
High quality natural timbers and veneers and metals like brass, all of which can either be left natural or enhanced by staining or antiquing.

If you were building your own kitchen / study / bar etc, what design would you have and what would you make sure was included?
Contemporary shaker, something timeless and understated. Subtle lighting and integrate some of the latest tech and appliances.

Which is your favourite kitchen from the website?
My favourite kitchen would be Fascination, mainly due to its simplicity and how well connects and nestles in with its surroundings.

Dan Battaglia | Production Supervisor