Created for a challenging space in a period home undergoing modernisation, this kitchen combines clean modern lines with rounded curves in a design that is both contemporary and considerate to the classic feel of the property. The aesthetic challenge was achieved by echoing the organic shapes of the exterior landscaping within the interior, so that a circular floor wine cellar becomes focal point and the sensually curved larder sweeps around the space where the stairs lead to the relaxing living area.

The display and storage are designed along mathematical principles to ensure correct dimensions while cleverly concealing the uneven structure of the walls. Furniture is a combination of dark stained straight-grain oak, and creamy white acrylic, with oak mfc interiors and solid oak drawer boxes. The colour of the stain was chosen to complement the dark wood flooring and interior doors through the rest of the house, while the pale, reflective finishes on walls and worktops were chosen as a counterpoint to keep the northwest facing room light and bright.

Sensuous Curves

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