Mowlem and Co.

Whether creating incomparable kitchens or dream-come-true dressing rooms, stylish studies or handcrafted furniture, we are passionate about what we do and take pride in every unique project. Applying the expertise acquired from more than 30 years in the bespoke kitchen industry, we design, make and finish every element to the highest quality, using only the finest materials and products.

Award winning kitchens

Our talented designers enjoy complete creative freedom, allowing them to meet each set of exacting requirements with imagination and inspiration. Genuinely bespoke, each handmade design has the inimitable Mowlem & Co panache and yet is entirely individual to each client.

Every project is lovingly constructed and assembled in our dedicated North East of England workshop. We feel honoured that the results of this philosophy have been recognised with multiple design awards, although ultimately, nothing gives us greater satisfaction than making our customers happy.

It’s All About Teamwork

It’s in our DNA to make beautiful, impeccably functional furniture, but it’s our customers that bring our work to life and give it meaning. Every Mowlem & Co project is a partnership between our client’s aspirations and our passion for meeting them. From shop floor to finished article, every detail of your design matters very much to us. Our name is on it, after all.

Kitchens are about people. The talent, skill and dedication of those creating them meeting the needs and goals of those who will enjoy them. The magic happens when it all starts to come together and never fails to give me genuine professional satisfaction. Come and discover what our team can do for you.

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